Employers Support

Brady Risk New England provides fast, responsive services to help you protect your employees and your workplace. Our safety experts can help you improve your workplace safety with efficient loss control resources, and can assist you with fraud prevention services to help reduce workers’ compensation insurance costs.

About Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation protects the most important asset of your company – your employees. This insurance provides medical benefits and wage replacement to employees who are injured at work. In exchange, employees relinquish their right to sue their employer for negligence. Workers’ compensation protects employers from costly lawsuits, while also assuring employees that they are guaranteed some cover in case of illness or injury on the job. Compensation insurance is mandatory in most U.S. states, and laws requiring that businesses hold these policies are intended to eliminate the need for litigation.

Brady Risk New England Brings Significant Savings to Qualified Employers

Safety-conscious employers may not be receiving the best rate with existing workers’ compensation policies from other companies. BRNE can frequently offer significant savings to employers for safety practices that they already have in the workplace. 

Safety Plus Offers Unmatched Value

Our leading value tier, Safety Plus, is available to employers with zero indemnity losses for 5 years, who have a commitment to safety, and who qualify for Experience Rating. Ask your agent about our Premier Tiers and Credits. For smaller accounts that qualify, other credits are available.