Report an Injury

Work Injury Planning

A workplace injury for most employees is a first-time occurrence and their return to work often isn’t well understood. However, If you have a plan to manage the activities of the employee from the time of the injury to return to work, you can reduce the cost of workers’ compensation losses.

If an Employee is Injured 

If an employee is injured at work take immediate steps to get medical assistance by calling 911 or an ambulance to get them to a hospital. Document your employee’s injury in as much detail as much as possible and stay in touch with your employee.

Claims Support by Broadspire

Claims are administered through our partner Broadspire, the industry leading administration provider of workers’ comp claims. Supported by a team of experts including claim and compliance experts, Broadspire’s local representatives manage claims from the initial call to file closure.

Report an Injury

Claims for an injury should be reported within 24 hours. We’ll help provide a fast resolution for your employee’s claim.
Fax Claim:1-800-245-9927

Download the Injury Report Form (PDF)

After Reporting a Claim

Shortly after reporting your claim, our Broadspire claims representative will call you to discuss the next steps. They will also be able to answer any questions you may have and be able to help you throughout the claim process.

  • Confirm Coverage: Contact us to confirm the information contained in the First Report of Injury.

  • Contact your Employee: Within 24 hours after filing a claim contact your injured employee to get a recorded statement.

  • Contact the Medical Provider: Contact the medical provider within 24 hours.

  • Confirm Compensability and Subrogation Potential 

  • Set Action Plan

Medical Provider

Establishing a partnership with a medical provider who understands your company can help pre-injury and post-injury management for your employee.

Medical Referral Partners

If your company has a medical provider, you may continue working with them. To find a recommended medical referral partner in your state, click here

Fraud Prevention

Workers’ compensation fraud is a form of theft that can result in criminal charges. Some employers, employees or medical providers may falsely report injuries in order to receive workers’ compensation benefits of which they are not entitled. Fraud hurts business owners because it may result in higher insurance costs. If you suspect workers’ compensation fraud, take steps to report it.

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